AMD Catalyst 15.7 finally installable on Fedora 22

After long and invasive / massive battle to get AMD code running on Fedora 20+, FOSS/Libre community finaaly made it happen!

A look in past.

The first was my post ( and bluehat’s post ( about 15.1 / 15/3 installation on Fedora 21. Then, it evolved to post of AMD Catalyst 15.3 installation on Fedora 22 with need to downgrade X.Org 1.17 to 1.16.

After that, there was [invalid by format] request ( to RPMFusion to put bits together and make this build as rpm .. it was very angry and rudely denied stating that such approach is ‘hacking’ .. oh well, at some point it is right. Can not deny it.

Then, after long talk and some weeks, community is finally able to install latest drivers on Fedora 22 without downgrade. Of course, there needs to be do some manual patching to enable kernel 4.0 support for this driver.

And now, suddenly, the dropbox repo is offered to test catalyst driver.


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