AMD Catalyst 15.3 Finally installable on Fedora 22

Again the Open-Source Community saves the day!

Some touch of history:

In the beginning there was the post from Phoronix that there is AMD Catalyst 15.x driver available, but it is jet only supported by 1.16 Server. After that, there was some pretty initiative action by the blog members. Her is my original post:

As you can see, the situation was pretty awkward…

Well, if you follow their link and then follow the links withing the blog, you noticed that there was made Guide to use Downgrade technique to install Catalyst driver in Fedora 22. The RPMFusion did not accept it as it is “hack”. Oh well….

And after some time I decided to tackle Google again and the findings are simply great: Now there is straight forward procedure to install AMD Catalyst 15.3 on Fedora 22. And no HACKING!!!

See this comment:


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