A Little yet ichy mess about Fedora and WineHQ cooperation to deliver latest updates to *nix users.

Recently I have discovered that after some unknown release WineHQ binaries ( from now on the ‘wine’ ) has been using non-genuine WineHQ binaries.

They are now using builds called ‘wine-stagging’. After some research I found that it is described as ”

Basically wine-staging is winehq codebase plus hundreds of patches. And yes, it was Fedora maintainer decision to use it instead of vanilla wine.


So, basing on this WineHQ user explanation, I, as end user, expect to have some clear distinction between ‘vanilla’ wine and this ‘wine-stagging’ wine, right?

Unfortinetly, it is not jet made. Unfortinetly, the situation was pretty messy:

– Fedora wiki is ( was as of time of writing this post ) outdated, see
– WineHQ is delegating / forwarding the issue to Fedora ( see
http://bugs.winehq.org link – https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30608#c14)
– Wine-Stagging maintainer also did not respond ( as of the date of
writing this post )
– Winetricks had not made any response either …

– Fortinelty, OpenSource usually uses Bugzilla as its bug tracking asset so it was enough easy to gather required emails to contact with in this case.

So, after long and unhappy chatting in the WineHQ bug tracker and unsuccessful emails to WineHQ maintainers, I contacted helpful and kind member of Linux community – Michael Cronenworth (http://michael.cronenworth.com), on behalf of Fedora, this Sir responded in single working-day frame and made at least changes in Fedoras wiki ( see link above ).

So, hope this saved some CLOSED INVALID bug-reports to WineHQ bug trackers and made them appear in http://bugs.wine-staging.com as NEW. 🙂

Still, note, that in About page of wine-stagging package ‘winecfg’ are no information about this situation.

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  1. Clarification: Wiki editing credit goes to Michael Cronenworth (http://michael.cronenworth.com)

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