Linux . Mint, Apache and APC UPS Daemon adventures :)

Hey there peeps… 🙂

Another day, another wtf story on my beloved penguin..

So, I had APC Smart-UPS SC 620 for very long time and just now I had bravery to try to make some use of it and use it in Smart way. But then the crap started to make its shape all over the horizon.

First of all – all installation is flawless. But is misses some normal MAN here, so I will try to summarize everything in one single blog/spam/post.

The Linux Mint description of package:

The Ubuntu Community info:

The tutorial for using CGI: or

To get this damn CGI, I had to:

  • Read Apache2 config and adjust correct syntax for ScriptAlias and Directory ; Also find out that I had to use Require all granted instead of old ( v2.2 premission granting syntax ).
  • And use this command: sudo a2enmod cgi

My issue:

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