A Candybar that just catched my heart in most unexpected moment…

Qt/QML Mobile Application Development

Qt/QML Mobile Application Development (Photo credit: thp4)

And they did it!!! Sailfish OS on Nokia N9 – I will buy new phone just for fun 🙂
Check it out here:  http://www.jollausers.com/2013/12/sailfish-ported-to-n9-mini-tutorial/

Merry Christmas!!!

Linards's space - the place where miricles may take a place

It is the Nokia N9.

Why .. ?

IT IS based on Linux platform … it fits my hand ideally … and thes of all – it is simple in its UI.

Oh .. I forgot this one, too:


Support ’em to beat a crap outta Android. You know … just 4fun … because penguins are friendly, no matter in what color you are 🙂

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