Some CI and non-CI ramblings out there….

Well… again…some time since last post…

What was in my focus recently was some optimizations of what I do and how I do stuff and eventually found same real gaps between expectations and reality.. what a surprise, ai’? 🙂

So… here is one interesting blog post:

Well … It caught my eye because of the project I assisted a bit recently …

And was curios for the options to have such tests running within CI infrastructure.

Other activities, you may ask … well, there is this petition:

… which is just as irreveleant as it can be… no one seems to care anymore of such things big Corps do .. 😦 Of course – end user has no way to influence this situation also.

If I will get other insights of my time wasting life fiving approach, I will spam… here, most likely. 🙂

Hm,. Yes – remembered – I just updated my LinkedIn profile. 🙂

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