The knowledge .. the base … THE KNOWLEDGE-BASE … IDIOCRACY !!!

Hi and good morning on the weekend …

I want to touch very philosophical and also EXTREMLY dangerous effect of our modern society … You may have heard that almost everyone talks about this issue and that issue all over the wolrd, but actually … people NEVER thin the one step forward … and this time I will write about stuff that worries me a lot:

An online-public-based electronically written text containing information about the explanation of happenings in the real world. It is like Physics explain world structure with mathematical approach … so we now use electronic text to explain functionality and purpose of many things instead of books or any hand-written text. Why? It has uncountable advatages over the matter, but it lacks one fundamental feature – sustainability.

We have books that is thousands of years old ( as some crazy people say ), but no … I repeat – NO hardware nowdays can keep such big data amount as books or hand-written text can ..

It is danger to society. To the things we know. To the progress. Almost like in the Movie “IDIOCRACY” …

What is your opinion, dear reader? Reveal yourself …

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