GeoHot kicks Sony butt! Go Go Go.

Sony Ericsson P1i

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I am very statisified because I wish they would link this about their threat they did with SE P1i – the superb UIQ3(.1) Phone, I have ever used. I have used all new androids and they simple do not give any thing P1i offers … qwerty rocks, touch rocks … performance rocks … PRICE KILLS!!!!

Here is the original post on the form I use to sruf by:

I REALLY WISH I COULD donate for lawsuit. This is what my attitude to life, to freedom of technology ( in the context of The Zeitgeist Movement ) and common sense says …

Long LIVE the community, free will and freedom!

P.S. This one gave me some enthusiasm to continue My Very Own Project for all those using Sony Ericsson cell phones. You can help me by downloading and testing latest published version:

Thanks for reading, clicking on links and downloading my product.


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