SEDev Patch Studio 1.2 RC4 goes to bigger publics …


As some of you may know, I develop applications mainly in Delphi ( ). So, after loong time I finally managed to put it in more wide publics and this is done by accepted app submit to:

Extended Delphi ( and C++ Builder ) Application Showcase by Embarcadero.

Also, after many issues and problems, SEDEV Patch Studio 1.2 RC4 last build, available to download for free on Project Homepage, hosted by Google Code, you can enjoy this great app changes:

// changelog:
1. fixed resizing bug that would allow unnecessary moves of mouse cursor
2. fixed missing rich text formatting to several Preview Area modes
3. fixed many typos and application-wide missing information strings ( and their spelling )
4. fixed performance issues on data conversion in various data preview modes
5. fixed missing URLs in About related to used copyrighted data
6. fixed invalid internal update / upgrade / version check URLs
7. tweaked Windows Vista / Windows 7 Compatibility mode for better user experience
8. forcibly fixed broken error logging to Log File
9. fixed unrecoverable application freeze when double-clicking Conversion Modes in Preview Area's tabs
10. fixed broken AutoSync feature
11. fixed missing PhoneDB (by visual notification of connection status
12. fixed few Legality and Licensing issues in several strings

New features:
1. Password strength in-line meter by colouring your password input text in Advanced window;
2. URL-based VKP filtering. See Help for more details!;
3. Patch Preview feature allowing to graphically view multiple patches on patch Loading / Caching.

1. Added base functions to Plugins. Still very unstable. May crash unexpectedly.
2. Added Merged VKP Source file feature: Application compiles pre-ordered VKP File to process merging or upload to PatchDB for analysis and further processing in online mode. See Help or for more information.

Known issues:
1. The CMD running with default parameters works only if in program path is not space ( caret ) symbols
2. SEDEV Help System may not load correct help page due security restrictions and settings in post-Windows 2000 OSes
4. URL Detection is active only after actual text editing. Needs API fix or Workaround.

Other publications covered by some areas:


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