You tube enthuziasm killed by community

So, this is my stuff to think about for some time new but this is the moment ( before starting my work-day ) to spread the word about it.

As you all know, internet offers video publishing and viewing service called YouTube. This service is great – it offers a lot, but it has some side effects, which mainly occurs only to those who focus on broadcasting technologies and their usage for profit. What I am talking about?

It’s all about reviews.

This is what I think about youtube as place to publish your video production, no matter of its purposes or other matters:


Why, you may ask? Here is story to explain it to you, dear reader …

There was guy whit nick Armake21. He made some stunning game reviews, that actually showed the way game reviews should be done! They were funny, brutal, impolite, sarcastic, ironic and so on and on and on … Then, there were some other guys that tried to mimic him … well, they all sucked big time as well 😦
Now, after a time they started to conflict and due this, Armake21 deleted his account on YouTube. This was big loss. Then, after a while he made new account called NicotineAlien and uploaded some of his reviews. Well, but it still did not live for a long time … Why???!!!
Because of idiots in youtube!!! They bashed him about bad language and other crap with no reason. They simply was too dumb to understand meaning of these videos ( reviews ) … I would kill all those bitches who said at least one bad word to him …

Okay, here is small brief of what happened. To explain in most effective way, here is some videos of his reviews, for example, – Medal of Honor: Airborne.

I found wiki-based page that was, IMHO, made by some sociopathic idiot ( Pornos !!!???? ) why takes internet way too seriously:
EncyclopediaDramatica Page

Well, simply put – he made US Army Marines laugh their ass off! I doubt any person who argued with him could make grandma laughing … and also – they cannot make such great videos cuz Marcus acts … he has some gift in this 😉

And now he has reborn as BoxedENternaimnet21 …

If you read this blog entry, you know – I have sub for your channel in youtube 😉


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