Fedora 22 (Workstation) and FGLRX ( AMD Catalyst )

Sooo … recently I found some guide for FC21 users …


But what about FC22 ( Fedora 22 )? Does these instructions apply to them also?

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A Little yet ichy mess about Fedora and WineHQ cooperation to deliver latest updates to *nix users.

Recently I have discovered that after some unknown release WineHQ binaries ( from now on the ‘wine’ ) has been using non-genuine WineHQ binaries.

They are now using builds called ‘wine-stagging’. After some research I found that it is described as ”

Basically wine-staging is winehq codebase plus hundreds of patches. And yes, it was Fedora maintainer decision to use it instead of vanilla wine.


So, basing on this WineHQ user explanation, I, as end user, expect to have some clear distinction between ‘vanilla’ wine and this ‘wine-stagging’ wine, right?

Unfortinetly, it is not jet made. Unfortinetly, the situation was pretty messy:

– Fedora wiki is ( was as of time of writing this post ) outdated, see
– WineHQ is delegating / forwarding the issue to Fedora ( see
http://bugs.winehq.org link – https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30608#c14)
– Wine-Stagging maintainer also did not respond ( as of the date of
writing this post )
– Winetricks had not made any response either …

– Fortinelty, OpenSource usually uses Bugzilla as its bug tracking asset so it was enough easy to gather required emails to contact with in this case.

So, after long and unhappy chatting in the WineHQ bug tracker and unsuccessful emails to WineHQ maintainers, I contacted helpful and kind member of Linux community – Michael Cronenworth (http://michael.cronenworth.com), on behalf of Fedora, this Sir responded in single working-day frame and made at least changes in Fedoras wiki ( see link above ).

So, hope this saved some CLOSED INVALID bug-reports to WineHQ bug trackers and made them appear in http://bugs.wine-staging.com as NEW. :)

Still, note, that in About page of wine-stagging package ‘winecfg’ are no information about this situation.

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Some useful script for GNOME 3 and ACPUSD users :)

At some point this is followup for the previous post. :)

Updated file text pasted in pastebin, found in the following link: http://pastebin.com/EjKAhNef.

Happy spamming in notification area…

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Free sparta and CodeTyphoon violates GPL

This post deserves my share… Free sparta and CodeTyphoon violates GPL.

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Linux . Mint, Apache and APC UPS Daemon adventures :)

Hey there peeps… :)

Another day, another wtf story on my beloved penguin..

So, I had APC Smart-UPS SC 620 for very long time and just now I had bravery to try to make some use of it and use it in Smart way. But then the crap started to make its shape all over the horizon.

First of all – all installation is flawless. But is misses some normal MAN here, so I will try to summarize everything in one single blog/spam/post.

The Linux Mint description of package: http://community.linuxmint.com/software/review/apcupsd

The Ubuntu Community info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/apcupsd

The tutorial for using CGI: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/diy-it-guy/diy-enable-cgi-on-your-apache-server/#postComments or http://www.fiz-ix.com/2012/12/configure-apache-mysql-and-cgi-bin-on-an-ubuntu-lamp-server/

To get this damn CGI, I had to:

  • Read Apache2 config and adjust correct syntax for ScriptAlias and Directory ; Also find out that I had to use Require all granted instead of old ( v2.2 premission granting syntax ).
  • And use this command: sudo a2enmod cgi

My issue: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21352218/apcupsd-not-respecting-timeout-in-linux-mint-16-petra-x64

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A Candybar that just catched my heart in most unexpected moment…


Qt/QML Mobile Application Development

Qt/QML Mobile Application Development (Photo credit: thp4)

And they did it!!! Sailfish OS on Nokia N9 – I will buy new phone just for fun :)
Check it out here:  http://www.jollausers.com/2013/12/sailfish-ported-to-n9-mini-tutorial/

Merry Christmas!!!

Originally posted on Linards's space - the place where miricles may take a place:

It is the Nokia N9.

Why .. ?

IT IS based on Linux platform … it fits my hand ideally … and thes of all – it is simple in its UI.

Oh .. I forgot this one, too:


Support ’em to beat a crap outta Android. You know … just 4fun … because penguins are friendly, no matter in what color you are :)

View original

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Some CI and non-CI ramblings out there….

Well… again…some time since last post…

What was in my focus recently was some optimizations of what I do and how I do stuff and eventually found same real gaps between expectations and reality.. what a surprise, ai’? :)

So… here is one interesting blog post:


Well … It caught my eye because of the project I assisted a bit recently …


And was curios for the options to have such tests running within CI infrastructure.

Other activities, you may ask … well, there is this petition:


… which is just as irreveleant as it can be… no one seems to care anymore of such things big Corps do .. :( Of course – end user has no way to influence this situation also.

If I will get other insights of my time wasting life fiving approach, I will spam… here, most likely. :)

Hm,. Yes – remembered – I just updated my LinkedIn profile. :)

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The times are changing…

Well … it is been a while since my last post here …

But .. hey … it is beem hell of a rolling time for me … hard to say what did not happen :)

In general … I don’t know how much individuals reads this blog … but – still – it is just to free my mind … :) Hope you will enjoy my leaking thoughts…


– I did some web stuff again for WordPress … got info about a lot new … about robots, humans, xfn, w3c standards, p3p … a lot has changed since the google came in :)

– I did some coverage of new and interesting fields … liek continuous intergation … and installer technologies … and web development on Sailfish OS / Android … iOS is in the schedule …

– Oh, of curse, helped a lot for my family business to refresh their web-site … it now looks superb imho. Even googlebot cant say nothing bad … and PageSpeed Insights got 94/100 score. Also some interesting info about Modern Marketing techniques and ways people use it …

– Oh, and finally and not last … “Fuck yeah!!!”

Thanks for reading.

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Rambling to get commit shared across wiki and jira – [Roundup 3] – “the awakening”.

During my time using NSIS, there is these things noticeable:

I have found out that nothing is more powerful than parsing !verbose 3 level output with self-made tool ;)

I have found out that you can NOT depend on any NSIS-based debugging method. It may crash .. and your installer will crash along with it. No pretty, eh’? :(

I have found out that enabling/disabling debugging on-demand is also very powerful weapon against idsses as it allows to distinguish between unstable and failed NSIS build ( it is easier to use CI terminology though… :) ).

I have found out that verbose output w/o realtime automated NSIS testing is like driving Cadillac with bicycle engine :)

Hope it helps for those accidentally visiting this question :)

EDIT: It’s always good idea to start with 3rd party tools. For example, no need to hassle around GUI as it is always easier to use tools like:

EDIT #2: I have found out that pretty effective method for debugging is to use direct documentation automatization. Currently I use the following components:

The result is that I got screenshot after nsDialog:Show plus I got updated images in wiki :) .. only stuff left is to fetch info from svnlook :)

EDIT #3: And the need of svnlook is also worked-around by building a svn log –xml exporting DLL using NSIS v2.44 header for Delphi and Lazarus IDE :) Kudos to Lazarus!

Woohoo! :)

>>> Original post @ SO: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1630841/methods-for-debugging-nsis-installers/10087385#10087385

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Tonight will be the night for my first ever linux-based phone OS hacking…

Gonna try to make this one happen…


Got to cross fingers not to screw up ./etc in filesystem :)

P.S. You may ask – Why? What? Some answers are here: http://wp.me/p15JAu-3p

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