Effective for my sole developments.

For 2019:


For 2020:

For 2021:

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And travel fell’a that is better than nothing :)

Hmm. NOT the best title. But that is how I feel.

One thing is that I have used different services; one of them – AirBNB. So since it has been only few times and with very good experiences, then.. just a wild thought to share it!

If you also want to join and share some trip experiences and enjoy hospitality of people with good heart, you can do that via countless links, as example, this one:

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Join me to the fun ride with Taxify!

Hello, comrade!

Decided to share an easy link you can use to join the crowd and enjoy ride with Taxify – an decent taxi service with reasonable price!

Grab the link here:

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An interesting start of Bounties

So, yeah .. recently kicked that thing. So far so good. Wil let ya know about results later.

Oh, and also the Bounties for this month – there is actually variety of the Coins/Tokens to get. That’s nice refreshment! 🙂

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Join me on my referral clicking fun!

So. You can join me in all the apps, sites and resources by clicking the links. So, here is the lost as of now (08/07/2020):



Social Networks:

Free Tokens/Coins via Tasks and Activities (Medium length and long length, but more rewarding):

Mining (Web, Phone, PC):

Cumulative Earning via Login/Simple activities (Small length/Quickies/Voting):

Other rewards (For Staking, Withdrawal, Trading, etc.):

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C/C++ headers, shared objects and fun


This time I will do something different. I will write something more meaningful that other times.

This has been my kind of aspiration for a long time. I first wished to do something like that back 10 years ago when I wrote app in Delphi that did some Assembler in them as well. Yeah… and C was area which I disliked. Because I was young and dumb.

But this time… it has changed.

I have 4 developments in github account. One is Python. One is Go. One is Java. And one is React(JavaScript). And I want them to talk with each other. Ultimately. All of them are either originated from C or I have plans to use sub-functions like Kubernetes, Terraform and Ansible to do the stuff for the ReactJS application ( website ). So. Lets get rocking. Lets list what I need:

  1. <> <-> Go
  2. <> <-> Python
  3. <> <-> Java
  4. <> <-> Go/Python/Ruby <- React <- Javascript
    1. TBD

Plans? I guess it isl ike this. Create C headers and SO for all repos. And make them essentially so that Go/Python/Ruby repo can be used to call any of 3 other repos.

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How to build Go application with multi-level relative local imports


This buzzed me for two days, so this crap deserves an post. Small, I suppose. But post.

So. Go(lang).

If you want to do something more or simply are one lazy keyboard smasher, then you possibly have across the issue and solution. Issue – building. Solution – CircleCI.

Well. Not really a solution because it is confusing what they have done with the environment ( assuming it is from Ubuntu base since it has apt ).

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PXE 2.x at 2019. Funseess…?


I had this crazy idea for about 2 years for now one.. or maybe even more. Who knows/cares/counts.

But this is it, so here we go – one of first post, and particularly one will be my first hardware technical post.

As the title says, it is all about Pre-Boot Execution Environment. And how crack the brains out of it.

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Naught games that needs some love in WineHQ @ Steam & Nautilus


My suspect is the fix of

Initial support for enumerating display devices.

I would do bisect, but I do not have spare time for it now.

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How to deploy ASP.NET / .NET / IIS(10.x) Application(s) to Windows Server, running in AWS Elastic Beanstalk


This is my first blog post that actually is somewhat technical.

I will not give you secret sauce. I will just share what works and what not.

So, first of all – internet is full of guides and how-to’s, but they all lack fundamentally one thing – context. So, this post will give minimalist context and minimalist steps to make things happen.

General expectation is that you know what AWS and what EBS is. Do not know that? This is not for you. Bye.

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An very promising way to work … and I like it – Payoneer!

Hi, my IT fellow!

Guess what – some things are meant to change … and way to live, woiork and enjoy everything about it is also one of things that has changed. How? Well ..

With Payoneer!

I find it quite good place and I also think you, dear reader, might find good reason to came along! That is why I have an “Refer a Friend” link by Payoneer – click, register and enjoy!

Grab the link here:

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