How to deploy ASP.NET / .NET / IIS Application(s) to Windows Server, running in AWS Elastic Beanstalk


This is my first blog post that actually is somewhat technical.

I will not give you secret sauce. I will just share what works and what not.

So, first of all – internet is full of guides and how-to’s, but they all lack fundamentally one thing – context. So, this post will give minimalist context and minimalist steps to make things happen.

General expectation is that you know what AWS and what EBS is. Do not know that? This is not for you. Bye.

Right. Back to the topic.

There are 3 ways that makes the AWS ELB deploying your ‘application’ successfully. They are:

1) Using Standalone Deployment Tool – awsdeploy.exe . It comes together with AWS Toolkit for visual Studio. In fact AWS gives good documentation on how to use it at . But – it is not enough. What you need to do to make your newly created Application and Environment working is:

1.1) Deploy the ‘Application’ ( Built and Packaged .NET/ASP.NET/ISS/C# application ) via Visual Studio UI for first time. If you will not do it, then the needful components will not be created and you will hit your head or run into the wall for infinite period of time. Once that is done, you then should be able to deploy via awsdeploy.exe onwards w/o issues.

1.2) Permissions are handled by deploying the zip archive, that consists of files like ‘parameters.xml’. Define the zip, holding these files, for a deployment and you should be good.

2) Powershell cmdlets. You can do it using AWS Tools for Powershell. It comes with AWS Tools for Powershell. Here, there is no big issues as the rest of config happens via standardized .ebextensions and .elasticbeanstalk. BUT. There is a catch. It is IIS ACL configuration, which is pain in ass. I have not made it work via cmdlet way and as seen in Stack-overflow .. nobody has.

2.1) If you will be using Option 1, these two .<> directory config files will not be used. Instead, you have to handle the configuration of Beanstalk via the config file that you have to pass to awsdeploy.exe AND aws-windows-deployment-manifset.json, in the ‘Project’ root to handle the IIS configuration (like msdeploy targets, used by CSPROJ builds or custom section for things like file extraction).

3) Using ‘eb’ cli. It comes with AWS CLI. Here, there is no big issues as the rest of config happens via standardized .ebextensions and .elasticbeanstalk. BUT. There should be a catch! 🙂

3.1) This is expecting you are building the source into deployable ‘Package’. If you have CI or any other way to generate the Package, this option is not really for you unless you are using Windows instance for building and ‘Publishing’ ( a.k.a deployment ).

As of now, I am going for hybrid solution by combining option 1 and 2.

And it bloody works!!!!!1!!!!!11111111

P.S. List of issues you might hit through the process:

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And travel fell’a that is better than nothing :)

Hmm. NOT the best title. But that is how I feel.

One thing is that I have used different services; one of them – AirBNB. So since it has been only few times and with very good experiences, then.. just a wild thought to share it!

If you also want to join and share some trim and enjoy hospitality of people with good heart, you can do that via countless links, as example, this one:

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An very promising way to work … and I like it – Payoneer!

Hi, my IT fellow!

Guess what – some things are meant to change … and way to live, woiork and enjoy everything about it is also one of things that has changed. How? Well ..

With Payoneer!

I find it quite good place and I also think you, dear reader, might find good reason to came along! That is why I have an “Refer a Friend” link by Payoneer – click, register and enjoy!

Grab the link here:

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Join me to the fun ride with Taxify!

Hello, comrade!

Decided to share an easy link you can use to join the crowd and enjoy ride with Taxify – an decent taxi service with reasonable price!

Grab the link here:

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How to install/update to Wine (linked to “development” or “stable” repos) version 3.1-x in Fedora 27 i86-64


Run this command in your terminal:

sudo dnf install wine --refresh --enablerepo=updates-testing --allowerasing

Continue reading

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LinkDump – an list of stuff.

Yeah. Could not make better name of this thing. Amazing!

Anyhow… some past and current projects I am working on…


– Go(lang) | libcontig @
– Delphi |sedev @
– Ruby | PuppetModules @

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An beautify for very creative and productive IT work .. and relaxation afterwards.

Oh. These pictures could fit for some beautiful SimCity-like game .. Check out at 😉

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Fedora 23 Upgrade failed. Even the “Recommended method” link does not mention the bug…


A blog entry after long time .. huh … and the thing is simple:

There is this bug – – which explains why I was not able to upgrade. And seems like only way to have my upgrade working is to wait till RTM version for Fedora 23… the questions is… will I wait so long or simply give a f*** and install Windows 10, BECAUSE, BASICALLY ..


I already upgraded 3 machines w/o single issue… and w/o preparation of the upgrade ( disk cleanup, defragmentation, uninstallations, etc.. ). Message?

WAKE UP, RedHat – YOU ARE F****** UP LINUX CREDIBILITY!!! In daily basis…

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Never though there is finally some simple and handy way to link all Game Content Delivery systems

And there is. Like there is LinkedIn for Professionals, IGN has created nice way to link stuff for Gamers. What is more appealing is the fact there is a blogging module ( for example, mine ):

Pretty nifty, right? 🙂

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AMD Catalyst 15.7 finally installable on Fedora 22

After long and invasive / massive battle to get AMD code running on Fedora 20+, FOSS/Libre community finaaly made it happen!

A look in past.

The first was my post ( and bluehat’s post ( about 15.1 / 15/3 installation on Fedora 21. Then, it evolved to post of AMD Catalyst 15.3 installation on Fedora 22 with need to downgrade X.Org 1.17 to 1.16.

After that, there was [invalid by format] request ( to RPMFusion to put bits together and make this build as rpm .. it was very angry and rudely denied stating that such approach is ‘hacking’ .. oh well, at some point it is right. Can not deny it.

Then, after long talk and some weeks, community is finally able to install latest drivers on Fedora 22 without downgrade. Of course, there needs to be do some manual patching to enable kernel 4.0 support for this driver.

And now, suddenly, the dropbox repo is offered to test catalyst driver.


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